Meet The Team!

Who is Buddy? This is Buddy.


Buddy is a rescued Siberian Husky.  We rescued him when he was 14 months old, his previous owners had released him to the wild.  A good friend of ours rescues and fosters huskies, and we adopted him from her.  From the start Buddy has always been a really sweet and fluffy husky.  We worked with Rhonda from Vermont Dog Pack to train him for advanced off-leash recall.   He is now living his best life, running every day at camp and having a blast.  He turned 6 on March 15, 2020.

Buddy loves running, snow, homemade treats, and talking.

This is Buddy’s owner, Chelsea Tillinghast.

Chelsea graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology.  While she was in school she worked at an animal hospital and helped manage the boarding facility.  Chelsea is currently working towards finishing her Master Herbalist Certification with a specialization in Canine Health, Wellness, & Nutrition.  She is a veterinary technician, first aid and CPR certified, and is working to create a course for pet parents and professionals to become first aid and CPR certified. She is personally invested in the pursuit of bettering the lives of people and animals.